Closet Organizers

A closet organizer is dresser-like furniture used for arranging closeted items such as shoes, clothing, and anything else one would like to store away. Closet organizers may vary from color, size, shape, and style; however the similarities are all relative when it comes to storage. Most provide additional open storage units for folded items such as apparel and/or linens; drawer compartments for smaller items such as undergarments and/or jewelry; cabinet space for more clothing and/or miscellaneous items; angled racks for shoes; and often times extended clothing rack space for garments which need to be hung. The size of a closet organizer will vary depending on your space and storage needs. Custom organizers can often times occupy a complete wall, if not an entire room. Closet organizers are commonly constructed of strong wood or melamine. Whatever look and style you choose we'll make sure that your organizer is compatible with the style of your home and personal preference.

Closet organizers are designed just for you in a manner that will fit your room and lifestyle perfectly. Why not have a custom closet organizer for the same price as you will find in large home improvement stores?


Why Northwest Closets & Wallbeds?

Most closet organizer companies use different brands of pre-made, off-the-shelf beds and cabinetry. Some major home stores carry these same brands in their stores. While these solutions may work in some homes, we offer custom solutions at the same competitive price. We build to order, and measure your space for an exact fit. There is no guess work. Every closet organizer that we build is custom-made to fit your space.

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