Cabinet FAQs

Q: What is custom cabinetry?

A: Custom cabinetry is built to order. Larger home stores claim to have custom cabinets available, but often times they "fill" to a wall with 2-3" of material to make up for the limited sizes of cabinets that they offer. As a custom builder, we are able to manufacture a cabinet for your project that fits snug into the space it was designed for.

Q: What is melamine?

A: Melamine is a low pressure laminate used for production of cabinetry, furniture, flooring, and other fixtures for the home. Melamine is available in different colors, from solids like White, Antique White, or Almond. Melamine colors are also available in wood grain colors like Maple, Cherry and Oak. The colors available are patterned to look like painted or stained wood. Some colors are very convincing. There are benefits to melamine over veneered plywood, such as cost, ease of maintenance, and durability. Melamine is not a plywood, but is usually made up of a pine particle board at the center or "core." The melamine is then applied (like veneer) to the outsides of the sheet of particle board. Most closet companies use Melamine as a staple for their systems.

Q: What is Thermofoil?

A: Thermofoil is a thin vinyl membrane, colored to look like a painted surface, wood veneer, or other unique finish. The look and feel of Thermofoil is very convincing, as the techonology used to create the textures, colors, and shapes have vastly improved over the last 25 years. Thermofoil is dent resistant, and can be cleaned with solvents. Thermofoil is an excellent alternative to real wood doors - for cost, durability, and maintenance over time.

Q: What is a Veneer?

A:  A veneer is a thin sliced layer of real wood that is applied to either a partical board core or plywood core material.  It is a cost effective way of obtaining a real wood product/cabinet without having to pay for a solid wood.  In some cases, the trees dont grow wide enough to cover the depths or widths needed to make custom cabinetry.  With these products, all sizes of cabinet boxes can be accomodated for.  Generally, when using a real wood (veneer) product, solid wood doors/drawer are used as they are assembled / constructed in pieces.